Ready for the new Final Cut Pro 10.3

Apple has released a major update to Final Cut Pro X and we're happy to announce that Xsend Motion, Ximport AE and Media Copy are all compatible with this new version of FCPX.

If you haven't updated lately, please launch FxFactory and update Xsend Motion to version 1.0.4.

Similarly, use Red Giant Link to update Ximport AE to 1.0.4 and Media Copy to 4.0.4.

Send clips from Final Cut Pro to Motion using your keyboard

The Share Menu in Final Cut Pro X is a great way to send your projects to apps like Xsend Motion. You can quickly send some clips to Motion and keep your creativity flowing.

Don't have Xsend Motion in your Share menu? See Installing Xsend Motion into Share menu.

Don't have Xsend Motion in your Share menu? See Installing Xsend Motion into Share menu.

But using the mouse to click a menu and then click Xsend Motion adds time, it can be done even faster using the keyboard!

However, Share menu items cannot be assigned keyboard shortcuts in the Final Cut Pro commands editor. We have to do it a different way.

Using the System Preferences application, we can assign a keyboard shortcut for any command in a menu. This article from Apple explains the steps in detail.

Open System Preferences, click Keyboard, then click Shortcuts. Select App Shortcuts on the left, click the Add button and add "Xsend Motion..." exactly as it appears in Final Cut Pro. Assign a keyboard shortcut and you're done. This video demonstrates...

Now you can get your clips from Final Cut Pro into Motion faster than ever!

Xsend Motion shipping, and 1.0.1 update is now available

On June 1 Automatic Duck released Xsend Motion and we're so pleased with the reaction. There is a lot of excitement around this product, clearly people wanted it!

We have already fixed a couple issues and version 1.0.1 is now available through FxFactory.

Version 1.0.1 includes several bug fixes including

  • rotation and angle parameters inside third party filters should now translate correctly
  • a problem with Titles causing Xsend Motion to crash is resolved
  • corrected a problem that caused Motion to delete media when publishing as a generator
  • fixed a problem that prevented Audio parameter behaviors from working

Ximport AE 1.0.1 and Media Copy 4.0.1 updates now available

Automatic Duck and Red Giant are happy to announce updates to Automatic Duck Ximport AE and Automatic Duck Media Copy.

Automatic Duck Ximport AE 1.0.1 fixes a few minor bugs, but we're really excited about a new feature in Automatic Duck Media Copy 4.0.1. In addition to bug fixes, Media Copy 4.0.1 also introduces support for Avid Shared Storage, or ISIS. If your Avid media is stored on ISIS, Media Copy can now locate that media and copy it!

If you don't yet have the products installed, you can download Automatic Duck Ximport AE and Automatic Duck Media Copy from the Red Giant web site.

To update Automatic Duck Ximport AE, launch the Red Giant Link application and click the Update button(s) or click Update All.


Automatic Duck demoed at FCP EXCHANGE event

FCP EXCHANGE is a new workshop series produced by FCPWORKS and Automatic Duck is proud to be a part of this event. The first session on October 24, 2015 in Burbank CA was focused on 3rd party apps and plug-in ecosystem. .

Marc Bach is an amazing editor and demoed Ximport AE as a part of his Indie Workflow presentation. He also explains why he likes using Automatic Duck Media Copy. Marc has great tips for how he uses FCPX, so it is worth watching the whole thing.

You can view the video recording of this first FCP EXCHANGE event at this link...

The day's recording are broken into four sections. If you want to just immediately to Marc's Automatic Duck demo use the YouTube Playlist control in the upper left and select the second video.

If you really want to get directly to the Automatic Duck demo it starts at 29:24...

Alpha channels FCPX to AE

Automatic Duck Ximport AE can import media files with alpha channels into After Effects and set the alpha channel interpretation correctly, but it needs to know how to set the alpha interpretation and by default this information is not exported by Final Cut Pro X.

The solution is simple: edit a Metadata View in FCPX to include the Alpha Handling metadata property. Now use that Metadata View to export your XML from FCPX.

Want to learn more about Metadata Views? Philip Hodgetts wrote an excellent article for all about the subject: The Power of Metadata Views in Final Cut Pro X by Philip Hodgetts

[PR] Automatic Duck is Back! Wes and Harry Plate Relaunch with New Timeline Translation Products for Final Cut Pro X and Adobe® After Effects® CC


Automatic Duck

Media Contact:
Kevin M. Bourke, BourkePR


Automatic Duck is Back! Wes and Harry Plate Relaunch with New Timeline Translation Products for Final Cut Pro X and Adobe® After Effects® CC

Automatic Duck Ximport AE and Automatic Duck Media Copy
Will be Available Through Red Giant

SEATTLE, WA (September 9, 2015) –  Automatic Duck (, the original creators of timeline translation software for filmmakers, editors and motion graphics artists, is back! Automatic Duck founders, Wes and Harry Plate, announced today they are effectively re-launching Automatic Duck after a four year hiatus, and have begun developing and selling new timeline translation products for Final Cut Pro X and Adobe® After Effects® CC.

As part of its re-introduction into the post production marketplace, Automatic Duck is launching two products; Automatic Duck Ximport AE and Automatic Duck Media Copy. Automatic Duck Ximport AE is a brand new product that builds a powerful bridge between Final Cut Pro X and Adobe After Effects CC. Automatic Duck Media Copy is a new update to the popular utility for collecting and copying sequence media files, adding support for Final Cut Pro X XML files.

“Automatic Duck Ximport AE provides a direct path into After Effects CC, making it easier for filmmakers and editors to bring projects into their video workflows powered by Adobe Creative Cloud,” said Susan Skidmore, Head of Partner Relations, Professional Video at Adobe. “Automatic Duck has a proud history of supporting Adobe video tools and we welcome them back into the flock.” 

Automatic Duck also announced today that it has partnered with visual effects and filmmaking software developer, Red Giant (, to market and sell both new products. In addition to developing its own VFX and filmmaking tools, Red Giant has created a successful model of marketing products developed by post production industry icons, such as Peder Norrby (Trapcode) and Stu Maschwitz (Magic Bullet).

“Automatic Duck is one of those iconic brands in post production that has made a huge impact on the work of so many artists,” said Aharon Rabinowitz, Red Giant’s Head of Marketing. “Their workflow solutions have helped countless editors and motion graphics designers work faster so that they can spend more time on the creative aspects of their projects. We’re truly excited to work with Automatic Duck to create products that are best in their class, by addressing what artists truly need to get the job done.”


The Automatic Duck (Re)Debut Products

Automatic Duck is marking its re-introduction to the community with two new products; Automatic Duck Ximport AE and Automatic Duck Media Copy.  Both products will be available for sale, and supported exclusively through Red Giant. To purchase, please visit

Automatic Duck Ximport AE

Automatic Duck Ximport AE builds a powerful bridge between Final Cut Pro X and Adobe After Effects CC. As more professionals experiment with and adopt Apple's Final Cut Pro X, the need has increased for a robust translation to After Effects CC. Automatic Duck Ximport AE is an After Effects plug-in that reads XML files from FCPX 10.1.2 and later directly into After Effects CS6 and later.

In addition to rebuilding the timeline and translating parameters such as position, scale and opacity, Automatic Duck Ximport AE can also apply many third party effects that work in both FCPX and After Effects CC. A complete list of features can be found here

Automatic Duck Ximport AE is available immediately from Red Giant and is priced at  $199.

Automatic Duck Media Copy

Automatic Duck Media Copy is an update to the popular utility that adds support for FCPX XML files. Automatic Duck Media Copy reads AAF or OMF exports from Avid editing systems, XML files from Final Cut Pro 7 and earlier, or XML files from Final Cut Pro X 10.1.2 and later, then it figures out which media files are referenced by the sequence(s) and copies those media files to a location the user specifies.

It can be a real challenge to know which media files are used by a specific project, but Automatic Duck Media Copy makes it easy to copy projects from one computer to another or to backup media for a project.

Automatic Duck Media Copy is available immediately from Red Giant and is priced at  $99.


Automatic Duck Classics

The Company is also reviving its classic products, offering them at no cost to users. For those customers who want to show their appreciation, Automatic Duck has added a “donate” button on its web site, encouraging users to contribute any amount they choose. Contributed money will go to support and further development of Automatic Duck products. Automatic Duck classic products now available include Pro Import FCP and Pro Export FCP, the Company’s original timeline translation software for Final Cut Pro 7 users. Also available is Pro Import AE, a plug-in for importing Avid AAF and FCP7 XML files into After Effects CS5.5 and earlier (Pro Import After Effects is built-in to AE CS6 and later).

All three Automatic Duck classic products are available immediately and at no cost. For more information and to download please visit


About Adobe at IBC

Adobe leads in video, from creation to delivery. At IBC 2015, Adobe is showcasing new features, coming soon to Adobe Creative Cloud, including powerful UltraHD (UHD), color, and new touch workflows for industry-defining tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC.  Adobe is also demoing the latest advances to Adobe Anywhere, the collaborative workflow platform that empowers users of Premiere Pro and Adobe Prelude CC to work together using centralized media and shared projects. Additionally, Adobe will unveil updates to Adobe Primetime, the global TV platform helping broadcasters, cable networks and service providers deliver and monetize engaging and personalized TV and film experiences across screens, including over-the-top (OTT) devices. Learn more about new features coming to Adobe Creative Cloud and Primetime at, or visit Adobe at IBC Hall 7, Stand 7.G27.


About Red Giant

Red Giant is a software company made up of talented artists and technologists who collaborate to create unique tools for filmmakers, editors, VFX artists, and motion designers. Our company culture is focused on finding balance between work and life - we call it “the double bottom line” - this philosophy helps us ignore complexity in favor of building simple tools that yield giant results. Over the last decade, our products (like Magic Bullet and Trapcode) have become the standard in film and broadcast post-production. With over 200,000 users, it’s nearly impossible to watch 20 minutes of TV without seeing our software in use. From our experiences as artists and filmmakers, we aspire to not only to provide tools for artists, but inspiration as well. Watch our films, learn from over 200 free tutorials, or try our software at


About Automatic Duck

Automatic Duck is a father and son team; we are editors, filmmakers, engineers, software developers and we are lucky enough to be a part of an amazing community of artists. We develop software products that make lives simpler. Our timeline translation software has been used by tens of thousands of people - from filmmakers, indies, editors, VFX artists and on everything from major motion pictures to indie films to television commercials. We went away for a while to work with our friends at Adobe, although we were never really gone. And now we’re back. Learn more at



Automatic Duck is back


After a some time away from the plug-in world, Automatic Duck has returned!

In 2011 we embarked on a strategic partnership with Adobe Systems. Our technology was integrated into Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro and we worked with the wonderful people there for a couple years.

Early last year we were both finished working at Adobe and decided we wanted to address some new workflows and bring Automatic Duck back. We also started talking with our friends at Red Giant about a publishing partnership that would allow us to focus our time and energy on developing products while they would handle sales and support.

Today all this comes to life. We have announced a brand new product, Automatic Duck Ximport AE, a plug-in for After Effects that imports XML files from Final Cut Pro X. If you're using Final Cut Pro X and have been jonesing for a robust Automatic Duck-style bridge to After Effects, this is what you've been after. Automatic Duck Ximport AE is available from Red Giant's web site.

Also available now is Automatic Duck Media Copy 4.0, a very helpful media copying utility that now supports XML files from Final Cut Pro X. Media Copy also supports Avid AAF files, Avid bin (.avb) and project (.avp) files as well as XML files from Final Cut Pro 7. It can be tricky to copy just the media needed for a particular sequence without creating new libraries or polluting your bins with lots of ".new.01" master clips. Media Copy makes it easy. Automatic Duck Media Copy is also available from Red Giant.

We have been working hard to bring these technologies to you, and we look forward to hearing how you use these tools. Please stay in touch!