Old Unsupported Plugins

In 2011 we went to work for Adobe and thought it would be nice to give away the plug-ins we could no longer support while moved on to new challenges. Now we are back working under the Automatic Duck roof again but still want to make these available to you. However, we have bills to pay, so we are accepting donations.


With Pro Import FCP for Final Cut Pro 7 you can import OMF 2.0 and AAF files from Avid editing systems and OMF 2.0 and AAF files from Digital Audio Workstations like Pro Tools Pro Import FCP 2.0 is the most complete import solution for Final Cut Pro 7, a real must-have for professional FCP editors.

Pro Import FCP 2.0 works with Final Cut Pro 7


Pro Export FCP is used and relied upon around the world by thousands of professionals. There is no better way to get your Final Cut Pro sequence into an Avid or Quantel editing sytem.

Pro Export FCP 4.0 works with Final Cut Pro 7


With Pro Import AE for Adobe After Effects, your digital desktop has never been more powerful or complete. Translating a sequence from an Avid or Final Cut Pro 7 editing system, or a project from Apple's Motion takes just seconds, importing all your media and clips in one step. Effects are translated and recreated for you and your timeline becomes a composition in After Effects, ready for you to take your vision to the next level.

Pro Import AE 5.0 works with After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5. This plug-in is already available in After Effects CS6, CC, CC 2014 and CC 2015.


Are these plug-ins useful to you? Users have offered to pay for these unsupported plug-ins because of their utility, you can use this form to send the amount you feel.