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Pro Import FCP 2.0

The most-powerful import plug-in available for Final Cut Pro!

Pro Import FCP does not work with Final Cut Pro X.


Is Pro Import FCP right for you?

If you're using Final Cut Pro 7 to finish shows offlined on an Avid editing systems, Pro Import FCP is a must-have.

If you need your tracks and clips from Pro Tools kept separate, Pro Import FCP is for you.

Using Pro Import FCP 2.0 for Final Cut Pro 7 you can import OMF 2.0 and AAF files from Avid editing systems, OMF 2.0 and AAF files from Digital Audio Workstations like Pro Tools, AAF Edit Protocol files*, AAF files exported from Toon Boom's Storyboard Pro, even XML files created by Panasonic's HPM200!

Pro Import FCP 2.0 is the most complete import solution for Final Cut Pro 7, a real must-have for professional FCP editors.

QuickTime Demos


Avid to FCP 1
QTThis demo shows a long, complex sequence being translated from an Avid into FCP. You couldn't do this with EDLs!

Avid to FCP 2
QTThis example shows how Use Existing Media allows your Avid media to play back in FCP

StoryBoard Pro to FCP
QTDoing your pre-vis in Toon Boom's Storyboard Pro? Want the edit in Final Cut Pro? Pro Import FCP can make it happen.

Pro Tools to FCP
QTWatch as a feature-length project is translated from Pro Tools into Final Cut, with both media and volume automation coming across.

More Details

  • Avid Title Tool** and Marquee title effects translated into FCP Text Generators***
  • Picture-in-Picture, including keyframes (old-keyframe model)
  • 3-D Warp, including keyframes (old-keyframe model)
  • Resize, including keyframes
  • Superimpose, including keyframes
  • Collapsed layers become nested sequences
  • Speed Changes both traditional motion effects and time warps
  • Strobe
  • Dissolves
  • Dip to Color Dissolves
  • Freeze Frames
  • Flops and Flips
  • Transfer Modes from Profound Effects' Transfer AVX plug-in
  • Audio Pan
  • Audio Automation Gain keyframe
  • 24fps sequence import
  • HDV, MPEG and XDCAM media not supported in "Use existing media" option.
  • Pro Import FCP is supported by Avid Unity!
  • Imports timeline and media from OMF exports
  • Also can import audio-only OMF 2.0 files exported from Final Cut Pro
  • Quantizes edits to frame boudaries if needed
  • Volume automation import
  • Fade effects translated into Final Cut Pro cross fades****

  • StoryBoard Pro exports edits from storyboard into AAF
  • Pro Import FCP translates AAF file into FCP sequence
  • Use the "Use existing media" option in Pro Import FCP to connect FCP to the QuickTime files generated by StoryBoard Pro
  • StoryBoard Pro 1.5 or later required

  • Using Pro Import FCP you can import into Final Cut Pro edited sequences made in Panasonic's new HPM200
  • First use Log & Transfer to convert the MXF files to QuickTime, then you can import the XML file produced by the HPM200 using Pro Import FCP

* Pro Import FCP 2.0 can not import AAF files that contain more than one sequence.
** from Media Composer 8 or later
*** text only, no style translation
**** Pro Tools exports its Fades as regions, or as regular audio clips, not as effects. Other DAWs like MOTU's Digital Performer can export fades as actual effects, which Pro Import FCP 2.0 will translate.

Read the Pro Import FCP 2.0 user guide.

System Requirements

Final Cut Pro 5.02 or later, including 7.0, but not Final Cut Pro X
Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Media Composer 7.0 or later
Export from Pro Tools requires DigiTranslator 2.0 from DigiDesign

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